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If your computer runs an Apple operating system and you connect your computer directly to the Power over Ethernet box inside your home, follow the instructions below. If you are using a Time Capsule, or some other form of Apple router, skip to the next section. If you are using another manufacturer's router, check out the Router Setup and Help portion of the site. To connect with a Windows operating system, please view the instructions here.

Apple OSX computer with PPPoE

  1. Click on the Apple Icon at the top left of your screen.
  2. Select System Prefences from the sub menu.
  3. Under the Internet & Wireless section, Click the Network icon.
  4. In the column, on the left hand side of the new window, make sure Built In Ethernet is highlighted
  5. On the right side of the page, open the drop down menu next to Configure IPv4, and select Create PPPoE Service...
  6. Enter Cybernet as the Service Name, click Done
  7. In the left hand column, click on Cybernet
  8. Near the bottom right of the window, Click Advanced...
  9. In the new window that opens, select the PPP tab
  10. Place a check in the box that says Connect automatically when needed leave other boxes at their defaults,
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Apply at the bottom right corner of the screen and your computer should now automatically make it's connection to the internet

Apple Time Capsule or other Apple router with PPPoE

  1. Make sure your computer is currently connected to the Apple router either with an Ethernet cable, or through the Airport
  2. Open Airport Utility usually located under Applications/Utilities
  3. Connect to the router with the previously setup password, or the default password of "public" if the router has not been previously configured
  4. Click on the Internet tab near the top of the window
  5. Under the Connect Using: menu select PPPoE
  6. Enter your Cybernet username and password in the appropriate fields
  7. Click Update near the bottom right of the page to apply the new settings on your router

If you experience any problems, please contact us at 250-847-5020.


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