Monthly Internet Plans

Loyalty plan:

Available only on 2 year non-refundable contract

For our Loyal customers or those who use  a lot of traffic:
Loyalty Plan: 30GB of traffic for $99
Data over 30GB is $5 per GB and can go as high as 50GB unless requested otherwise.



Cost Controlled Plans

For users who wish to keep their monthly Internet costs firmly on budget, we offer Cybernet's Cost Controlled plans. Each plan comes with a set amount of traffic included. When this set limit is reached, the connection is shut down, preventing any further data usage and eliminating unexpected bills. If extra data is required for a particular month, you may call us anytime to override the limit.

Plan            Price             Monthly Traffic Allowance    
Lite              $19.95         1 GB    
Casual        $39.95         3 GB    
Plus            $59.95         5 GB   
*Additional data billed at $20/GB for all cost controlled plans


Flex Plan

For users whose needs may change from month to month, check out Cybernet's Flex plan. You start with 4 GB of data included, and as your usage increases, you are automatically moved up to the next traffic tier, allowing you more data when you need it, and keeping your costs down when you don't.

Plan         Price         Traffic Usage
Flex         $49.95          Up to 4 GB    
                $64.95          4 to 6 GB    
                $79.95          6 to 10 GB    
                $99.95         10 to 15 GB              
*Additional data billed at $5/GB for traffic over 15 GB
*All flex plans will stop at a maximum of 25 GB unless otherwise requested


All plans include:


  • 1 dynamic public IP address
  • Up to 3 email addresses with 50 MB of mailbox space per address
  • Free phone technical support
  • Free e-mail virus protection
  • Free e-mail spam filtering
  • Webmail access


Custom Plans

Customized Internet plans with higher data allowances (e.g. 50-100GB per month) are available for customers who require large amounts of traffic, such as companies and home-based businesses. To inquire about our Enhanced Internet services, please call Cybernet at 250-847-5020.


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